Chris Bruney // ACD
ACD // Art Director

State Farm // Neighborhood of Good

Neighborhood of Good


Cannes Lions 2017 x2
One Show
2018 Finalist x3
Art Director's Club Finalist
Webby Awards - YouTube Ad of the Year
London International Awards
Lürzer's Archive 3/2017
2017 Communication Arts Advertising Annual
Clio Awards Shortlist


As a company with a long history of supporting volunteerism, State Farm wanted to promote
their ideals and drive traffic to their new volunteering hub:

We created a short film to launch the campaign:

In its first month, the film received 20 million online views.
It's inspired over 1,000,000 searches for volunteer jobs on the site.


Social media focused on continuing the dialogue of turning caring into doing. 


Everything led to a streamlined hub, designed to make it easier to find volunteer opportunities near you.

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